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From sourcing the right candidates and their contacts to generating outreach messages, CL1CK helps you work less hours and make more commission.

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Headhunters, Recruiters, and Consultants, across Asia have saved hours of work and effectively hired the right candidates by using CL1CK as their Research Team.

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Quickly source candidates that precisely match job descriptions, making it easier than ever to hit your KPIs.

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targeting only the best candidates.

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4x More Capacity & Productivity. At a Faster Rate.

Manage multiple jobs at once with a bigger candidate pipeline and a simpler workflow.

Quickly source candidates and get accurate contact information.

Only 1.2 mins per candidate to identify best-fits.

Hyper-personalized outreach messages to stand out in candidate inboxes.

8x faster potential interview conversions and hiring cycles.

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