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Smarter & automatic A/B tests for popups and emails to deliver experiences your shoppers will love.
  About Us  
​Hello, we are CL1CK.

What started off as a small marketing agency of two Hong Kong-based university students has spun into a fast-growing early-stage start-up with ambitious plans of disrupting the e-commerce industry. ​

After multiple iterations, pivots and deep dives into e-commerce, CL1CK has come out with a razor-sharp focus on helping over 21M online stores worldwide personalize their offerings to their customers automatically with AI. 

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Test, Measure & Optimize Everything

Be confident about always showing what your customers want to see. 

Improve ROI from Marketing Promotions 

Don’t guesstimate what your customers want to see – drive AOV and conversions with personalized shopping experiences for each customer. 

A/B Testing & Decision Making, Simplified

Stop running manual A/B tests in 2023. Get your data automatically analyzed, then show the right discounts, product recommendations and email designs.  

Deliver Superior Customer Experiences

From the first visit to repeat purchases, A/B test each marketing touchpoint to align campaigns with changing customer interests.  


Wish you could A/B test your
marketing promotions? 

Discounts, emails, SMS – automatically test and improve everything, 
based on your customers’ changing interests. 

Intent-Based Discount Popups

Offer the most optimal discount amount to every visitor, saving your margins and maximizing revenue 

Interest-Based Product Recommendations 

Increase your customer's spendings by offering recommended products and personalized shopping experiences

Personalized Emails / SMS

Consistently engage customers with personalized offers through emails and SMS to boost repeat purchases

  Early Bird Offer  

Lock In Your Forever Price

Currently available for Shopify only.

US$30/mo - forever

Thank you for trusting us and being an early supporter.

Get full access to CL1CK’s ecosystem at a price that will never be this low again.

  Sign up and get started now!  

Just 5 minutes to integrate CL1CK with your website. Increase your conversion rate today. 

No credit card required.


What We Have Achieved for Clients


Increase In Browsing Time


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Customer Spending


Sessions Analyzed

CL1CK is a major tool to help us iterate our marketing efforts and analyze our clients' traffic!

Hugo Wong
CEO of CBox Digital

From E-commerce Insights to Product Updates: 

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