Every Exit Is Potential Revenue

CL1CK helps you stop visitors from exiting your E-commerce website

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Minimal Configuration

Configure and Set Up within 10 Minutes

Save Time From Manual Decision Making

All Automatic Decisions and Actions

Save Costs

Reduce promotional expenses and increase conversion rate


We Collect, Launch and Optimize



We Collect and Gather Visitors' Behaviours

We automatically collect and analyze your website.

Collecting information from your visitors to organise them into segments and evaluate each segment’s purchase probability.


We Help Decide Who and When To Show

Discount pop-ups are launched with delays based on your webpage performance and visitors' behaviours.

Delayed pop-ups can capture attention and convert at the right time.


We Make Improvement An Automated Process

Time delays are continuously adapted and optimized based on collecting new data and automated AB tests.

Mirror changes in visitor behaviors or webpage performances with delayed pop-ups. 


We Make Your Website Better, and Your Work Easier

1. Easy Navigation

Evaluate and track on a visually intuitive dashboard. No more information overload.

2. Simplicity

Gain simple but powerful insights from tedious data.

3. Result-Oriented Dashboard

We select and organise KPIs and metrics that matters most to you.

Why They Chose Us

User friendly platform that enables rapid analytical understanding!
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​Mathew Essa
CEO of Suvon Corp

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