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Spend 90% Less Time 
on Outbound Sales
Uncover meaningful insights to find the perfect message for every user persona.

We help our clients supercharge their cold outreach

power to the brand

Discover our process

5 steps to validate
your sales strategies 

Step 1

Start Strong with Validated Leads

Tell us about your business and target audience, and CL1CK provides you with validated email leads. Our two-step filtering ensures your emails reach inboxes, not spam folders.

Validated Leads

Step 2

Craft Personalized Content
for Every Lead

CL1CK generates tailored messages that resonate with each lead. Personal touches elevate curiosity, turning your prospect into warm leads. 

Craft Personalized Content

Step 3

You approve, we launch! 

Approve with a simple click after integrating your inbox, and we'll swiftly launch your campaign.

Launch Campaign

Step 4

Understand What Works 

Discover messages that truly resonate with your user personas. Gain insights into how specific demographics engage with your emails.


Step 5

Engage with top prospects

Export LinkedIn profiles of engaged email leads. Close deals directly on LinkedIn to maximize outreach—our clients report a robust 20% response rate.

How do you ensure deliverability? 
You can send up to 50 emails per day for optimal delivery.

Choose between using a secondary Gmail domain or our pre-warmed domains, which offer better deliverability.

Sender names are customizable to align with your brand.


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Backed By

Iterative VC

Katelyn, SeedCulture

“CL1CK turbo charges our outbound, and refined messages that are resonating with our audience."

Rasmus, Power to the Brand (YC)

"CL1CK has taken a huge load off me and delivers the results that I need."
Power to the Brand

Vivien, Scarlett Panda

"Very happy about CL1CK, not only they have a solution that works, they also provide great customer service and adapt to your needs. A 10/10 for me!"
Scarlett Panda
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