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Still running A/B test the
"old" way? 

Optimize your email outreach and discount marketing with AI

For B2B Saas Teams

Ensure that each prospect gets an email with a sales pitch they are mostly likely to engage with, leading to higher number of booked calls or sign ups. Click here to know more. 

Test, Measure & Optimize Everything

Show your customers exactly what they want to see – without any of the data crunching.

Improve Your Marketing ROI & KPIs

No more guesstimates for what your audience wants to see. Drive your sales KPIs and conversions with data-validated content for each prospect.  

A/B Testing & Decision Making, Simplified

Stop running manual A/B tests in 2023. Get your data automatically analyzed, then show the correct email sales pitch.  

Continuous Experiments & Optimization

Don’t stop at simple “version A” vs “version B” testing. Continuously optimize your marketing game with AI to engage your customers.  

Boost booked calls by matching leads with the most persuasive sales pitch.

Let AI supercharge your sales pitches

Using GPT-4, you create multiple sales pitches in seconds.

Ever wondered what the "best" way to pitch is? You can test multiple ways to pitch your company, in different tones or in themes.

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Imagine Facebook Budget Optimization, but for emails

Our algorithm sends the best sales pitches to more leads & removes underperforming ones.

We match lead with the most persuasive sales pitch. Over time, our algorithm will learn which sales pitches are most effective for your specific user personas.

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