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Nov'22 Update: MiraclePlus, Feature Updates & More

With just 1 month remaining in 2022, I’ve been reflecting on our team’s progress this year. It’s crazy to see how product features and internal processes have considerably matured, just in the span of a few months. We've just scraped the surface of what we aim to achieve, but to see the growth of a project we started off as sophomore university students - turns out the days are long and the years are short.

Considering all the exciting things we are currently working on, I’d like to kick off a monthly update - from our team to you. This monthly blog piece will cover some key reflections and stories from our journey, in addition to general company/product updates.

Throughout several product iterations and organizational changes, our focus has been consistent - to give businesses access to data-driven solutions. In November, we continued to build on this vision.

Nov’22 Product Updates

1. Expanding on Key Insights

CL1CK’s Key Insights feature provides users with an inside-look into segment-wise conversion rate performance. You can immediately identify the most valuable customer segments + those that require further improvement. However, a repeated feedback from our beta users was - “What’s next?” Essentially, how can they use this information to unlock better performance for their website?

On further probing, a clear problem emerged: some e-commerce stores can do basic data analysis, but they struggle with executing actions built on analysis. Other e-commerce stores execute several actions on their website, but these aren't necessarily data-backed or optimized.

Analysis is the first step - they want to focus on execution and optimization. Basically, data-driven insights, executed for them; they just review the end performance.

2. Clear distinction of 3 main features

Building on point 1, our team moved forward with 3 main features: Key Insights, Discount Optimization and Product Recommendations.

Together, these features encapsulate our 3-loop process - Analysis - Execution - Optimization. The DNA of our company!

I’ll put out individual blog posts for each of these 3 features, but for now I can quickly summarize what they entail:

  1. Key Insights: Identify which customer segments are most likely to buy from your store

  2. Discount App: Show personalized discounts at the right percentages

  3. Product Recommendations: Find the best products to recommend based on your customer segments

3. Product Recommendations dashboard – ready to go live soon!

Our Product Recommendations dashboard is ready and should be live on the CL1CK web app soon. You get immediate insights into the best-performing product bundles (CL1CK has scanned through all possible product combinations). Meanwhile, you can get a sneak peek below. This feature has several applications for marketing teams - like ads, product placement on website and customer engagement via emails and SMS.

CL1CK Product Recommendations Dashboard

What Are We Working On? | Dec’22 Pipeline

1. Awaiting approval for C1CK Discount App on the Shopify App Store…

I know this has been (quite) frustrating for several users - and it has definitely been for us too. Thank you for your continued patience while we straighten out final details for our Shopify App! Fingers crossed, the app should be launched in the coming week or so. Keep an eye out on this space for updates.

2. Next step - execute product recommendations via Twilio integration!

While our Product Recommendations dashboard will be live on the web app soon, our team has already started working on the next step - execution.

We are currently working on building an automated customer engagement system within CL1CK - marketing teams can directly use our product recommendations to execute personalized email and SMS campaigns to re-engage old customers and boost repeat purchases. You can do so with our Twilio integration, which should also be launched in the coming few weeks.

3. Continue working with beta testers

Throughout our product development process, working with our beta testers is, of course, our top-most priority! Shout out to all our private beta testers who regularly provide us valuable feedback. In December, we will be extensively testing our automated product recommendations system with them. If you are interested in being a part of our private beta test, reach out to us at

Nov’22 Company Updates

1. CL1CK x MiraclePlus Demo Day’22

Our biggest company update this month was the MiraclePlus Demo Day’22!

Based in Beijing, MiraclePlus is a leading start-up accelerator program. Over the past 4 months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from prominent entrepreneurs, investors and partners who’ve made impact in companies like Microsoft, Baidu, and Meituan.

MiraclePlus Fall'22 Cohort

On November 22, our CEO Ryan, represented us in front of 2K+ investors and shared our vision for the e-commerce industry.

Ryan Wan, CEO, presenting at MiraclePlus Demo Day'22

COO Danny Choi and Product Lead Dickson were also present to share information with investors. It marked the end of our 12-week accelerator program with MiraclePlus and the beginning of our Seed round. If you’re interested for further details, you can contact Ryan at or simply drop a message on LinkedIn.

Ryan Wan, CEO, presenting at MiraclePlus Demo Day'22

2. Shopify E-Commerce Summit 2022 in Hong Kong

On November 30, I attended Shopify E-Commerce Summit hosted by Wave Commerce with our COO Danny Choi. We learned some interesting insights about the local Hong Kong market and trends in the e-commerce industry.

Presentations from leading SaaS companies and e-commerce players like Wave Commerce, New Era, Google, SleekFlow, DotDigital and Shopify showed a consistent focus on the importance of data for decision makers.

Shopify shared some key insights on discounts, which I found particularly interesting. As per data from Common Thread (2021), the five most-used holiday discounts are:

  1. Sitewide: 28.7% (no less than 20%)

  2. Free shipping: 18.7%

  3. Select SKU(s): 18.2%

  4. None: 15.4%

  5. Free gift(s): 8%

It was worthy to note that "sitewide" discounts were the most popular - the most ineffective way of spending your discount budget (and what we are trying to solve here at CL1CK!).

Google also presented research findings from their collaboration with Kantar, which reflected the patterns of changing consumer behaviour and implications for e-commerce brands.

  1. More choices and more discovery options for consumers >> Importance for multi-channel presence and engagement for e-commerce brands

  2. Consumers "deciding with the heart" >> E-commerce brands should align with their purpose and vision

  3. Consumers shop online, buy anywhere >> Focus on offering what your customers want

Some reflections...

Empathy is central to product development

I know this isn’t rocket science, but the past few months have definitely reinforced its importance to me.

It is easy to go down the mindset of building a “solution”, while not addressing a pain point. You must empathize with your users and understand their daily workings - this is why we invest resources, time and efforts to consistently engage with e-commerce stores and other potential stakeholders to collect valuable qualitative insights. Behind the metrics and numbers about market size, there are real users with pressing problems to solve.


That's it for this month’s updates - next, our CEO Ryan Wan, will be sharing key takeaways from his 12-week stay in Beijing as a member of the MiraclePlus Fall’22 cohort. Stay tuned!

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