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A Complete Guide to Installing Your CL1CK Tracking Code

Updated: Mar 10

Step-by-step guide to installing your CL1CK tracking code.

What is the CL1CK tracking code?

CL1CK tracking code is a JavaScript snippet – once installed on your website, CL1CK can start collecting important data, like website traffic information, product performance and button clicks.

To begin collecting data, you'll first need to install this tracking code on your live site!

To get started with this, choose one of the installation methods listed below:

  1. For Shopify stores

  2. For Wix websites

  3. Others/manual code installation

Once the tracking code is installed...

You will get access to all CL1CK tools like Key Insights and Product Recommendations. If you’re interested in testing our new features, you can reach out to us at

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