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How TALive used CL1CK to 7x their discovery meetings booked

Recently, we (private beta) launched our cold outreach product for B2B sales teams. We've received several enquiries regarding how this works, what are the results, etc., so in today’s blog, we will dive deeper into this product by sharing the story of one of our clients, TALive. For more information, reach out to us at, or simply book a time with us here.

Let’s get started!

The Challenge 🔎

TALive is a KOL-management company with operations centred in the APAC region. They aim to expand to new markets, like North America, so they must get in touch with relevant KOLs and influencers from these markets.

Market expansion means wading in unknown territory – you don’t exactly know what approach or sales pitch will work. This was the primary challenge for TALive – they knew the attributes of their target audience but weren't sure about how to reach them. They prepared a few sales pitches, ready to go, but didn’t know how to test them in a quick, cost-effective manner. And of course, there were crucial sales KPIs to hit ASAP, thus adding to the time pressure. Initial few rounds of testing left them with more questions than answers – a common issue with incumbent A/B testing tools.

The Solution 💡

CL1CK was able to strategically target each of the 3 key issues faced by the TALive team.

1. Sales pitches and email content

Pitches that worked in APAC might not work in North America – they knew their content needed a refresh. CL1CK stepped in and helped them automatically output multiple sales pitches, utilizing GPT-3 technology.

2. Qualified leads sourcing

Once users input their target audience attributes (for example, role, company size, location, industry, etc.), CL1CK produces a customized list of validated prospects, i.e., you only pay for valid emails, not the spam or defunct ones. This eliminated TALive’s previous dependence on several (expensive) leads sourcing tools and agencies or freelancers.

3. Validating pitches

With the pitches and prospecting done, TALive used CL1CK to quickly set up multiple tests across email subject lines and designs. For subject lines, they started off with a simple test between “friendly” and “professional” tones. They also set up 2 email designs with different colours. Once launched, CL1CK’s algorithm ensures (across rounds of testing) that each lead gets an email with a sales pitch they’re most likely to engage with.

By using content generated by AI and CL1CK’s algorithm, we've supercharged our cold outreach. CL1CK has relieved a lot of weight off of our sales KPIs.

Tan Jun Wen, Sales & BD at TALive

The Results ✅

After the first batch of cold outreach (and setting the baseline), the open rate jumped from 20% to 84% – 4x growth within 2 weeks. The click-through rate grew from 0.48% to 4% during the same period.

Based on prospect engagement with different pitches and email designs, CL1CK automatically allocated a higher percentage to "professional” theme in the subsequent rounds of outreach. This automatic campaign optimization led to the doubling of open rate and 7x meetings booked within 2 weeks. There was no manual effort required from the TALive team – simply review, launch and keep rapidly iterating towards the most effective outbound strategy.

Validate sales pitches the smart way

Improving conversions from outbound marketing is a long process. Sales reps and managers are frustrated by the fact that today’s average cold email response rate is a lousy 1%. With several ICPs, crafting and testing your sales pitches while also hitting your KPIs takes time.

So, what sales pitches do you want to validate this year? Book a time to talk to our team here, and let’s maximise your outbound marketing efforts too.

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