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5 Best Email Marketing Tools For E-Commerce Stores

If you want to reach new customers or engage with existing ones, email is a relatively older, but effective messaging channel. According to HubSpot, there are 4 billion daily email users and email marketing generates US$42 for every $1 dollar spent. E-commerce stores can benefit from using email as retention and traffic-driving channel.

E-commerce owners and marketers might get overwhelmed by the variety of email marketing tools currently available. In today’s blog, we have hand-selected 5 email marketing tools that can closely fit the needs of an e-commerce store. You can use these tools to compose, send, and track your emails, and even integrate data from your email campaigns to drive your overall business decisions.


Price: US$0-$312 per month

Mailchimp has dominated the email marketing space for a long time and is now further expanding into e-commerce. It offers a free plan, and for additional features, you can switch to a paid plan, which starts at $85. As one of the best-known email marketing software applications, Mailchimp has the following pros:


  • Builds automated customer journeys

  • Share email campaigns to social media channels automatically

  • Creates or shares email within a mobile app

  • Adds turnkey e-commerce for merchants


  • The platform UX changes frequently, which may be less effective in locating certain functions

  • UX is fatiguing to the eyes if you use it for an extended period


Price: US$0-$3200 per month (USD)

HubSpot has an impressive feature known as Marketing Hub that covers sales, email marketing, and marketing automation, all-in-one place. HubSpot allows you to create a “bundle” that is tailored to your business needs, thus enabling you to focus on your growth strategies and optimize customer relations.


  • Target subscribers with personalized send times, subject lines, and calls to action

  • Vast selection of social media management options

  • Offers integrations with other HubSpot solutions


  • Expensive

  • Steep learning curve


Price: US$0-$65 per month

Sendinblue can store unlimited contacts and send up to 300 emails per day using the forever-free plan. This makes it the perfect option for small businesses that want to streamline costs.


  • Reasonable pricing

  • Can build emails with a drag-and-drop builder

  • Have an unlimited number of subscriber lists and contacts included in the free plan


  • The graphic representation of results (opens and clicks) over time is only available in the pro version

Constant Contact

Price: US$20-$45 per month

Constant Contact has automation capabilities. You can create email marketing templates and automate and manage campaigns.


  • Integration for multiple e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce

  • Intuitive UI

  • Get real-time email tracking


  • Templates offer little flexibility

  • Unable to spread marketing messages automatically on different social media channels at the same time

Campaign Monitor

Price: US$9-$989 per month

Campaign Monitor is easy-to-use for novice email marketers. It allows you to create professional email templates for your company and is a strong contender for monitoring your e-commerce campaigns.


  • Versatile email templates

  • Easy-to-use UI

  • Has A/B testing


  • Steep price increment depending on the number of subscribers

  • Lack of customer support via phone or chat

There you have it! We hope these email marketing tools can help you create meaningful customer relationships, keep customers, encourage them to come back, and build a consistent communication channel. You can refer to this article before planning your next campaign!

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