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Marketing Partner

Join our growing community of marketing enthusiasts to launch synergistic and helpful content.

  • Collaborate on blog posts and backlink exchange

  • Launch collaborative social media content

  • Explore synergistic opportunities across events, webinars, podcasts, emails, and more

Referral Partner

Shape your network’s digital optimization strategy with a mutually lucrative, customer-centric program.

  • Recurring commissions of up to 30% for every new sign up

  • Personalized referral link

  • Collaborate on custom integrations and APIs

Affiliate Partner

Be a part of our affiliate network with a flexible, value-packed program. Exclusive rate for affiliates with more than 10K interacting followers.

  • Quick set-up

  • Personalized affiliate link

  • Earn up to 30% recurring commission for every new sign up


Partner up with CL1CK.

Join our growing network of trusted technology and marketing partners

Smarter & Automatic Tests For Shopify

Synergistic partners get exclusive early access to new A/B testing features. Get in touch to know more

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