Every Exit Is Potential Revenue.

Decrease exit rates with discount pop-ups without being intrusive or disturbing

Exit Rates Reflect Opportunities, and We're Serious About Turning Them Into Revenues

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We Stop Visitors Exiting Your E-commerce Website.

Now You Don't Have To See Them Go

Good job driving traffic on your e-commerce website, now we'll convert them into shoppers.

How Do We Do It?

Discount pop-ups are not one size fit all. Your pop-ups will be personalized for your website.

We Collect and Analyze

Your visitors and webpage data are collected and automatically analyzed.

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We Launch and Optimize


We Help Decide Who and When To Show. 



Discount pop-ups are launched with delays based on your visitor’s behaviors and webpage performance. Using delayed pop-ups can capture attention and convert at the right time.


We Make Improvement An Automated Process.

Time delays are continuously adapted and optimized based on collecting new data and automated AB tests. Mirror changes in visitor behaviors or webpage performances with delayed pop-ups. 


Enjoy ease of viewing and simplicity on your dashboard. 


At A Glance


Evaluate and track on an intuitive dashboard without collecting and analyzing tedious data. 

Reduce Exit Rates and See Them Stay.


See them stay and convert into customers

Minimum Configuration

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Configure and Set Up In 10 Minutes

Save Time From Manual Decision Making

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Decisions and Discounts, All Automatic

Save Costs

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Reduce promotional expenses and increase conversion rate

Check Out Why They Love Us

"User friendly platform that enables rapid analytical understanding"

"CL1CK is a major tool to help us iterate our marketing efforts and analyze our clients' traffic"

Working with CL1CK is a pleasure all around; the co-founders are diligent, creative and visionaries. The team has created a smooth platform that enables capabilities targeted towards sales and visitor understanding. We are always excited to see what new features CL1CK comes up with!

Mathew Essa
CEO of Suvon Corp

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Ryan and his team have been incredible help in capturing and analyzing traffic coming in for our clients eCommerce businesses. CL1CK has been a major tool in helping us iterate our marketing efforts and positioning our business around the customer, allowing us more control and insight into consumer buying habits and how customers react to businesses. 


Hugo Wong
CEO of CBox Digital


Get Amazon-like Product Recommendations To Bundle Your Products and Increase AOV

Automatic Transaction Analysis

Identify Product Bundling Opportunities Immediately

Maximize Purchase Probability

AI-Driven Insights

CL1CK identifies customer segments with the highest probability to purchase

Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

Allocate Marketing Dollars Effectively


Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. 

Shopify & Woocommerce Compatible

Track your website within 10 minutes, and everything is on autopilot from there!


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No Credit Card Required

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