Targeted Discounts to Convert Visitors to Customers

Replace generic site-wide discounts that wastes marketing dollars.


Only give discounts to those visitors that will be influenced by promotions.  


For Websites Hosted On Shopify

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Our Killer Feature Launching in Sept 2022

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Convert Visitors Using Automated Optimized Discounts

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Save Marketing Costs

Discount values are optimized based on the minimum amount required to convert a visitor into a customer.

Save Time

Discount popups are automatically to website visitors, based on behavioral and transactional data.

Increase Conversion Rate

Maximize visitors’ purchase triggers, increasing sales and conversion rate.

Do you...


Key Features

Don’t waste your marketing dollars, and maximize conversions


Increase Your Conversions With Four Simple Steps

1. Integrate CL1CK to your Shopify Website in 10 minutes

2. Wait for CL1CK to collect and analyze sessions’ data

3. CL1CK identifies customer segments that are likely to be influenced by discounts

4. Launch discounts in one-click to generate more conversions

Key Features

End-to-end solution

Data collection, analysis and showing discount popup are all done by CL1CK

One-click launch

Easily launch targeted discounts from our webapp, in just one click

Automatic AB Testing

CL1CK tracks the performance of discounts by automatically launching AB tests. Compare how much more visitors are converting because of CL1CK’s discount popups.