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Personalized Shopping Experience, 
For Every Visitor

Offer each shopper the right incentive to convert. 


Currently available for Shopify only.

Features 1

Our Ecosystem

What if you could understand what your customers want to see - and show it to them?
It is possible with CL1CK.

Intent-Based Discount Popups

Offer the most optimal discount amount to every visitor, saving your margins and maximizing revenue 

Personalized Emails / SMS

Consistently engage customers with personalized offers through emails and SMS to boost repeat purchases

Interest-Based Product Recommendations 

Increase your average basket value by offering recommended products and personalized shopping experiences

Dynamic Marketing That Just Works

Deliver superior shopping experiences - from the first visit to repeat purchases. 

1. Adapt to Customers' Changing Interests

Customer interests and behaviours are constantly changing - keep your offerings updated based on their dynamic demands. No more manual testing or guesstimates.  

2. Speed Up Conversions, Increase Revenue

Eliminate time-consuming testing by delivering data-driven offerings to speed up conversions and revenue. 

3. Save Money, Time and Effort 

Collect, clean and analyze data, then execute and optimize marketing actions - all automated. Relax, and let us do the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost.  

Experience it yourself


Early Bird Offer

Lock In Your Forever Price

US$29.99/mo - forever

Get full access to CL1CK's ecosystem.
Prices to increase soon. 

Just 5 minutes to integrate CL1CK with your website. Increase your conversion rate today. 

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Why They Chose Us

User friendly platform that enables rapid analytical understanding!
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​Mathew Essa
CEO of Suvon Corp

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