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White Label for
E-Commerce Agencies

CL1CK's white label solution can help alleviate your decision making stress, so you can focus on onboarding and executing with your clients.

​Strategy Calls with CL1CK's Team

CL1CK's team consists of experts in digital marketing, data analytics, Machine Learning and business development. We go on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls to discuss your clients' most optimal strategy, analyzed in multiple dimensions. 

Session Recording Analysis

Watching session recordings is time consuming and tedious. Our team watches how visitors interact with your clients' websites to identify any poor UX that is affecting sales. Spend your time executing changes, not watching hundreds of videos.

Revenue-Driving Recommendations

​CL1CK's AI identifies valuable visitors to maximize the probability of conversions. CL1CK also uses Amazon-like product recommendation tech to generate product bundling insights.
Increase AOV and sales with AI.

Branded Monthly Report

All of CL1CK's insights and solutions can be summarized in a monthly branded report. You can upsell the report to your clients and/or use it to execute your strategies. Increase your strategies' effectiveness, and revenue simultaneously.
Win-win strategy.

Get Ready to Use CL1CK's Insights
To Drive Revenue for You & Your Clients

Interested? Call us and find out more!

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