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Want to partner up?

You are an agency that works with marketing teams of e-commerce;
we specialise in e-commerce data analysis - let's partner up & grow together!

Who is it for?

Our Agency Partner Program is aimed at digital agencies that work with e-commerce websites' online marketing. Each CL1CK partnership focuses on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that deliver both - results and revenue.

You stand to earn generous commission for introducing us to new customers, along with co-marketing opportunities that drive value for both parties' customers.

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What's in it for you?


Earn Generous Commission

Earn up to 20%-30% recurring commission for connecting us to every new customer.

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Early Access to New Features

All Agency Partners have priority access to our latest features and get the opportunity to test our exciting product updates before they are publicly launched.

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Referral Program

CL1CK Agency Partners stand to gain new clients via our Referral Program. Get exposure from the correct audience who need your service!

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Co-Marketing Opportunities

Mutual email marketing campaigns, joint advertising, co-hosted webinars - opportunities are endless!

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