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About Us

​Hello, we are CL1CK.

A team of marketers & technologists committed to boosting online conversions by unlocking customer behaviour insights.

Our Story

What started off as a small marketing agency of two Hong Kong-based university students has spun into a fast-growing early-stage start-up with ambitious plans of disrupting the e-commerce industry. ​

After multiple iterations, pivots and deep dives into e-commerce, CL1CK has come out with a razor-sharp focus on solving the US$38B problem of cart abandonment faced by over 21M independent online stores worldwide.

Our Mission

E-Commerce on Autopilot

From why customers aren’t buying to how to step in during a buying journey – CL1CK makes it easier for online businesses to connect with each shopper. 

Based on your visitors’ historic & live behaviour, we identify the specific factors causing purchases on your e-commerce website, predict visitors’ probability to purchase, and identify the best promotion to convert a visitor to a customer.


With CL1CK, online store owners can identify hidden purchasing insights and get seamless, one-click automations to improve their e-commerce website. We aim to empower online businesses with the ability to increase their revenue in just one click (hence our name!).


Working in an ever-evolving industry like e-commerce, we believe in learning quick and working lean while navigating this fascinating intersection between technology and human behaviour.





Rounds of Funding



Recorded and Analyzed



Our Hybrid Team, located in 3 different countries!

Our Values

We believe in working smart and more productively – not hard. As our team grows, we evolve with its changing needs to ensure that each day is more fruitful. We don’t follow a typical 9 to 5 routine – instead we focus on completing each task on time and in the most efficient way possible.

Work lean & smart

We are doing something new and different – this means we are constantly experimenting with different ideas. Although we hold each team member to high standards, we are okay with ideas failing. Our only motto is not to make the same mistake twice, i.e., to actively learn from each mistake, and use these learnings to guide future decisions. 

It's okay to fail

Being a learning-driven organisation, we highly value open communication, accountability and autonomy. Our work environment encourages each team member to voice their opinions and share their ideas, while always being respectful and understanding. 

Open communication

Work can be stressful at times; however, we believe that it should never come at the cost of your physical or mental health. Balance is key. We want our employees to lead fulfilling personal lives, beyond work. 

Live a balanced life


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